Imagine stepping out of your house, and a truck lowers this wooden crate, emblazoned with the rennch logo, full of goodness.

Packed in the wooden crate, amongst a few secret surprises, is:

Engine: 300 HP Subaru EZ30R Flat 6

This baby comes stock at 245HP / 219 lb ft Torque, but after a bit of ECU tuning, we are barking at 300 n/a horsepower. 

Lots of other fun, modern engine stuff too: 

  • 6 Cylinder, 2999cc boxer engine
  • 4-valve, quad camshaft aluminium cylinder heads
  • Open-deck aluminium cylinder block
  • 10.7: Compression ratio
  • Dual timing chain system
  • Coil on plug-ignition system
  • Plastic intake manifold
  • Drive-by wire electronic throttle body
  • 3 exhaust-port cylinder head design
  • Variable lift and variable timing intake camshaft (ALVS and AVCS)  – Now this is the big controversy:  “Did PORSCHE actually design this part of the engine?  I mean…it’s almost exactly like Porsche VarioRam.  The answer is…maybe.  We might have to find out on someone’s deathbed.”
  • Engine is 65 lbs lighter than Porsche 911 SC Motor


Here’s what it sounds like…in anger: 


    Also in the box:


    A standalone Plug & Play ECU, already terminated to the stock Subaru engine wiring harness.  No need to fuss with wiring.  Just plug it in and go. 

    Custom Engine Cradle

    Bespoke for 911 & 912. (must specify when ordering) We laser cut, weld, and coat this baby from scratch.  You mount it to the bottom of your engine, bolt it to the transmission, and you’re off to the races. 

    Custom Designed CSF Bolt In Radiators

    Exclusively for Rennch – You can’t buy these anywhere else.  These are custom designed radiators that fit exactly where the factory Porsche oil coolers (except it’s one on each side) mount. 

    Drive By Wire Throttle

    (and the options it comes with – Optional cruise control, auto blip, etc….)

    Custom Driver Side Foot Plate

    This is another custom rennch bit that allows us to mount the DBW pedal. 

    AN Hoses and Fittings

    All hoses and fittings are cut to length and preterminated. You just screw ’em in and go. 

    Coolant Tank, Custom Coolant Crossover Pipe

    Once again, these are completely bespoke for this project, and will already be mounted on the engine on arrival.

    Custom Subaru to Porsche Transmission Adapter:

    This ensures your 901/915 (G50 in the works) transmission bolts directly up to your transmission.  Will be already installed on arrival to your house or shop. 

    Custom Headers

    Dont’ ditch that Porsche Sport Exhaust! Our Custom Made Headers bolt directly to stock Porsche exhaust, so you can count on raspy awesomeness.

    Mounting Stuff

    Custom mounting brackets for all.


    In the box along with the “goodies” are a few unique surprises…but we’ll leave them surprises.  You’ll also get an “install bible” as well as (of course) installation videos for all the pertinent steps. 


    Current pricing is $14,995 for the full kit, plus shipping in the Continental US.

    Who’s This For?

    Someone with a shell, but no engine

    Sometimes you have a racecar shell or a car that you don’t want to invest $45,000 for 180HP

    Someone who wants more than 90 HP

    At their most powerful, a pre-89 911 had 217hp.  So this would be the highest hp upgrade you could make to an early 911. 

    Someone Who Wants To Add A Turbo or Tune Their Engine

    These Subaru engines are VERY tuneable and turbo-able, and MUCH easier and cheaper to deal with than our Porsche brethren.  A turbo Porsche motor will cost in the neighborhood of $70k+

    Someone Who Wants To Build A fun Track Car Without Blowing Up Their Porsche Engine.

    If you want a regular track car but worry about your expensive, rare Porsche engine, this is the perfect solution.  Cost-wise, you could buy an engine or two as a spare and it would cost less than a single piston.  😛