Help The Show! (and thank you!)

It takes a lot of work to restore a car…even more to document, market, and publish the process.  Everything helps, and I’m so grateful you even made it to this page.  Below are a few options of how you can help the show! Thank you for being along the ride with me!

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Cost: Free

The video to your right is (currently) the most popular video on the channel, and is responsible for the most subscribers added to the channel.  If you click the “share” in the upper right, you can spread the word about rennch to different forums, message boards, FB groups, reddit, etc…  You can also share the url “” and that will auto-subscribe them.  Thanks in advance!



Pop on over to the rennch Patreon page to buy a creamy Oat Milk Chai Latte or explore the other monthly options!

Pick up something from Amazon

Cost: cheap, to not so cheap.

The button below will take you to an Amazon wishlist (see?  it’s not just for strippers and porn stars) choc-full of tools, materials, and parts needed to continue to work on the Blasphemy Build.  You can have a *direct* effect on the outcome of the project right here!

Donate via Paypal!

Cost: A cup of coffee OR A GT3RS

If you can’t be bothered with all the rigamoral of subscribing to things, and just want to send a few bucks, this is the spot!